In-company talks

Learn how to create sustainable wellness despite the systemic pressures that exist in business today.  

In recent years, businesses have come to accept that improved physical and mental wellbeing leads to better performance, more enjoyment of work and greater calmness and confidence in the workplace.  On a personal level, one of the most fundamental things we can do to enhance our quality of life is improve our wellbeing.  

How can we do that in a way that it sticks?  How do we incorporate good health and wellness practices to make sustainable difference in our lives?

presenting to Irish businesses on National workplace wellbeing day.

presenting to Irish businesses on National workplace wellbeing day.

Learn about:

  •  Balancing five essential areas to achieve wellbeing

  • Exercise and nutrition for performance

  • Making effective change by building positive habits

  • Mindfulness techniques for clarity and relaxation

Corporate Wellness Coach, Mary Callaghan, facilitates this session. Mary’s corporate background, including ten years working at Oracle gives her an understanding of the pressures in business today.  Trained by wellness expert and author, Deepak Chopra, Mary has helped hundreds of business executives improve their personal wellness and business performance.