Coaching provides support, structure and focus to assist you in clarifying and achieving personal and business goals.  It empowers you to think and act creatively, resourcefully and purposefully, to overcome habitual limitations and to fulfil your potential.  It helps you to rediscover your values, vision and strengths and enjoy long-term, sustainable personal growth.

Mary works with individuals and organisations to build strong, sustainable work-life balance and naturally improve performance, engagement and enjoyment at work.

Typically coaching is tailored to the clients specific needs and topics covered include:

  • Identifying new direction and purpose
  • Overcoming setbacks and enjoying life again
  • Performing at higher levels than ever before
  • Increasing resilience needed in the face of increased workplace pressures 
  • Regaining control in work and life
  • Rediscovering calm and relaxation
  • Dealing with overwhelm and creating clarity

About Coaching

Professional coaching brings many benefits to a wide range of individuals.  It provides support, encouragement and a fresh perspective on personal challenges and business goals. It can enhance decision-making skills, support greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increase personal and professional confidence. Those who undertake coaching can expect significant improvements in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and support in attaining meaningful goals.  Coaching also builds self-confidence in the clients’ own abilities to solve their own problems. Coaching is completely confidential.